Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Pack meet and how often? Are there attendance requirements?

The dens (dens are made up of scouts that are in the same grade) meet weekly In most cases and meeting times/nights vary due to the availability of space.

The pack (all the scouts in all the dens) meet once per month for a Pack Meeting, camp out, or special events.

How much are registration fees and dues?

*$105 per year due each September.

Scouting Dues are broken down into 3 things:

1) $75 per scout goes to the National Council (this includes insurance)

2) $30 per scout is kept by Pack 95 to pay for awards, pinewood derby kits, slide/neckerchief when the scouts “bridge” to the next den, etc.

*3) Some dens collect a few dollars per month to cover things used for the weekly den meetings.

As of January 2020 there is a one time $25 joining fee for NEW scouts (this goes to the National Council).

How much are uniforms and are they required?

We require each scout to provide their own uniform shirt. They can be purchased at the local scout shop or online for about $27. Our pack uses the school uniform shorts/pants so your scout should already have those. Hats and socks are optional. Our pack will have a Pack T-shirt that we wear for some activities. These are available for purchase at cost (usually between $5-$10 depending on quantity and quality ordered).

Sounds expensive. What if I am unable to pay?

We believe finances should never be a reason to keep a kid out of scouting.

1) We offer fundraising opportunities that allow a scout to pay their own way.

2) We can set up a payment plan and stretch the payments out throughout the year.

3) There are some scout scholarships offered each year for scouts in our pack.

4) There are some uniform shirts available that have been handed down.

What is the philosophy on field uniforms vs. activity uniforms?

Most activities require field uniforms (Class A). The only time we use activity uniforms (Class B) are when we are outdoors and active and we don’t want to soil our uniform. The Boy Scout uniform represents youths that are growing, learning, and serving others. Each Scout should have an appreciation for their uniform and know that they are representing others when they wear it.

When could we visit a Pack meeting?

We would love for you to come as soon as possible! Please refer to our calendar for specific details and contact our scoutmaster to confirm availability.


We camp using CDC guidelines for outdoor camping.